Who We Are

At Mame's Burrito Company we specialize in the wholesale of high quality burritos. Starting out in a food truck, and now filling the shelves of large grocery stores, we strive to set the bar for grab n' go food. From small beginnings, we are dedicated to preserve the integrity and the quality of our burritos. We are proud to be a part of the rich Colorado history of bold, wild and free-spirited entrepreneurs!

A Young Mame

Our Story

Our story begins with Mame, a free spirited, pioneer woman with a will and mind of her own. Mame is a hard working, ‘quick on her feet’, strong-willed country girl who never gives up! She has made her way in life with a keen sense of humor, a fearlessness that borders on insanity, and an unstoppable, can-do attitude! She’s never known a stranger, or someone she couldn’t afford to help along the way, even if it meant risking life and limb!

When Mame decided to start a burrito company in 2005 (at the youthful age of 65) she soon found that her fresh, high quality, hand-crafted burritos were a huge hit!

Today she is still a force of nature and will get it done come ‘hell or high water’. One day we asked her, 'what exactly do you put in those burritos to make them fly off the shelves?' She finally caved and admitted her secret yet essential ingredient... LOVE!

From our crazy, fun-loving family to yours, we thank you! After reading this you must be starving, go grab one of our delectable burritos!